Austin P. Dreyer, PhD


Students aren't the only ones who need to keep reading!

The curriculum of science is readily able to impart knowledge to students that extends beyond the boundaries of the discipline itself. The pillars of science (e.g. critical thinking, communication, observation, experimentation, evaluation) when applied to the everyday can help ensure all students find success by empowering an evidence-based worldview. My goals as a science educator are to:

  1. Build an understanding of science with students while instilling them with an excitement for science
  2. Use research to engage students with self-sustained learning, and
  3. Help students recognize the utility of applying scientific principles to their everyday lives.

By focusing on these goals, my hope is to encourage students to embrace a life filled with science; as a profession, as a hobby, or as a framework on which to maximize productivity and success.

Since the start of my PhD, I have taught or helped teach nine unique courses. Throughout that time I have learned much about what it means to teach and have sought to continually refine my approach and implement the goals stated above for each of my students. Below is a description of the implementation for several of the courses I have taught. For the complete list please see my CV.

Teaching Experience